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Business Analyst

Location:Medina, MN
Employment Type:Full Time
Department:Corporate Office
Support the analytical and reporting needs of Merchandising, Accounting, Distribution and Retail stores.
Collect, maintain, model, and analyze data in support of company and division objectives. Provide past performance and forward looking analyzes, interpret and communicate results, and make recommendations that have a positive impact on business performance.
1. Understand the top-level business financials, key business drivers, and the impact of key business drivers on overall business performance. Evaluate the results to identify best practices that can be applied to the Rockler business.
2. Develop, implement and analyze product category, unit sales, and historical data to create unit forecasts and manage stocking levels of store SKUs to ensure sufficient store inventory. Communicate, maintain and validate integrity of data.
3. Maintain and analyze Retail Store data. Develop econometric and time series models to evaluate short and long Ėterm trends and performance. Adjust minimum and maximum SKU levels to optimize sales and inventory performance following the trend of seasonal sales as well as market or regional driven changes.
4. Develop and run reports to extract and present information from various information systems in support of Merchandising. This includes various reports related to inventory (turns, backorders, dollars), transportation, and distribution.
5. Prepare and review standardized monthly reports that support current objectives. Collaborate with necessary parties to design the source, content, and configuration of special reports as needed. Possess a thorough understanding of software and systems to properly respond to management requests.
6. Build department and channel specific business modeling analysis tools.
7. Maintain and analyze forecast accuracy analysis by channel proactively identifying SKUS that are moving out of acceptable performance levels.
8. Transform an informational need into variables that may be quantified choosing data from appropriate sources (i.e. historical sales and unit databases, product sales trends) to provide the needed information. Present the results in a concise functional format that is easily interpreted by others.
9. Utilize appropriate equations and models to illustrate various business scenarios currently faced by Merchandising. Prepare reports, graphs, presentations, and other materials that reflect the current or projected situation and the potential impacts of the situation on the business.
10. Develop, maintain, and analyze inventory SKU data to identify slow moving inventory, as well as SKUís that are obsolete or could be discontinued. Monthly communicate the results and facilitate development of action plans to promote, clearance or scrap inventory. Follow-up with the appropriate parties to confirm that approved actions are executed.
11. Monitor actual Retail unit sales against forecast and identify variances. Evaluate and analyze trends, historical relationships, ratios, time series, and other factors that may have caused unit forecast and sales variances, such as the introduction of a new product or a special marketing or sales event, considering similar product performance, promotional impact, marketing input, and pure statistical methods.
12. Assist with the development of cost/benefit analyses for Merchandising projects.
13. Interface regularly with Retail, Marketing, and Merchandising to remain current on their plans and to respond to requests business analyses. Remain up to speed on current strategies and integrate those changes into analyses.
14. Perform special analysis as requested to aid in analyzing and improving Company programs and strategies.
Other duties as assigned.
 Timely, accurate, and meaningful analyses provided to support business decision-making
 Identification of critical factors that influence business performance
 New reports developed as needed to support business analysis and measurement
 Timely and accurate preparation of standard reports
Job Title:
Business Analyst
Cross functional communication and knowledge sharing
Education and Experience:
 Bachelorís degree in Economics, Statistics, Computer Science, or equivalent
 3 years of experience in a business, finance, economic analysis, or forecasting role in a corporate environment
 Knowledge of statistical modeling and economic and sales forecasting techniques and applications
Business Systems Knowledge:
 Microsoft Office applications
 Strong working knowledge of Excel, Access, SQL and Pivot Tables
 Working knowledge of Visual Basic preferred
Key Competencies:
 Communication and interpersonal skills
 Analytical thinking and analysis skills
 Ability to translate data into business actionable activities
 Ability to collaborate and function effectively in a team environment
 Interpersonal and facilitation skills

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